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Online casinos offer massive opportunities for a large score. You can cash in on over eight-figure payday if you strike lucky, and know what to look for. Progressive jackpots can offer you some of the best value in online casino gaming, but you need to do your homework. Below we help you to understand how the jackpots work, when you should play them and where you should deposit your pounds.


Best Jackpot Casinos September 2018

What Are Progressive Jackpots?

“Progressive jackpot” means the jackpot grows bigger as people play the game. When the progressive jackpot is hit, the jackpot resets. For example in the biggest online jackpot slot Mega Moolah, the jackpot can rise to over 10 million quid, and after the jackpot’s been hit, the counter starts again from a few million.

online jackpot casinos mega moolah

Mega Moolah progressive jackpot slot usually has the highest jackpot available among all the online casinos.

Progressive jackpot climbs when players play the progressive jackpot game. In a jackpot slot, up to 5% of your bet could go to the main jackpot pool. Usually, jackpot slots have smaller jackpot bonus rounds as well, and to the smaller jackpots, you’ll be contributing anything from 1% to 2% of your on each spin. These contributions from players keep the progressive jackpots by the second until someone hits them.

What you should do is to keep an eye on the size of the progressive jackpots in various games. When the jackpot is above the average that it’s been through the history, you should become interested in the game. Some games – such as Mega Fortune – has been on average at £3.5 million quid every 11 weeks. There’s a plenty of history to Mega Fortune, as well as other games explained below.

Top Jackpot Casinos

LeoVegas is one of our favorite casinos, and that’s not only because of their generous welcome bonus. They have an excellent selection of progressive jackpot games, with NetEnt classics Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods topping the bill. In total, they bring to the table 32 jackpot slots, with also IGT Gaming’s jackpot games such as Siberian Storm on offer.

At PartyCasino you’ll find something a bit different. They have their own proprietary platform, and they also boast their own jackpot slots. With PartyCasino’s own slots you can be assured that the jackpots will drop at _this online casino_, as the jackpots aren’t pooled between different online casinos, as NetEnt’s jackpots are. You should check out the Egypt-themed Loot En’Khamun, and if you’re into a more classic variety of slots, Melon Madness might be intriguing. Both of them have jackpots regularly in the seven-figures.

At Casumo the biggest draw is their lovely welcome bonus package and Mega Fortune Dreams. This NetEnt’s wildly entertaining jackpot slot isn’t available in most of the casinos offering NetEnt’s jackpot games, but at Casumo you can find this gem of a jackpot game. In addition to Mega Fortune Dreams, you can also try your hand at Dancing in Rio, which is fledgling online slot provider Williams Interactive’s very first jackpot slot. In total Casumo brings over 30 jackpot slots to the mix, so there’s plenty to like.

What Are The Biggest Jackpot Slots Online?

There are a couple of games which climb to massive jackpot amounts on a regular basis.

  • Mega Moolah
  • Mega Fortune
  • Hall of Gods

Mega Moolah is a progressive jackpot slot with 25 paylines. There are four different jackpot scenes in the game: Mini, Minor, Major and Mega Jackpot. Naturally, you want to trigger the Mega Jackpot to be in for a payday of at least seven figures. You can find Mega Moolah from most casinos offering Microgaming’s jackpot games, for example at Royal Panda.

Mega Fortune is another classic. It has been online casino players’ favorite since the dawn of massive online jackpot slots, serving a huge jackpot after another. In Mega Fortune, you are ultimately playing for the Mega Jackpot as you are in Mega Moolah.

Hall of Gods is the latest entry in the ultra-high jackpot category slots. In Hall of Gods, you’re playing a game filled with Nordic Gods, who can grant you entry to a proper Valhalla. That Valhalla may be filled with a couple of million sterling, so yes, don’t mind if we do enter!

Tips on How to Win the Jackpot

There are four steps to take into consideration to put yourself in the best position possible to hit the large jackpot.

  • Play when the progressive jackpot is higher than its average

You should do your homework before you play a jackpot game. For example, Mega Fortune’s Mega Jackpot has been hit on average when it’s been a bit over £3.5 million quid, and it’s dropped every 11 weeks on average. You’re better off playing the progressive jackpot games when they reach a certain £ value, and that figure is around £3.5 million pounds in Mega Fortune.

  • Bet the minimum stake which qualifies for the largest jackpot

This gives you the best chance to win. You’ll get more spins, thus giving you better chance to win big. You can find out each jackpot game’s minimum qualifier from the game’s rules. For example in Mega Fortune fortune, the bonus phase isn’t tied to the bet size. So in Mega Fortune, you’re wise to bet 0.01 per line to get the maximum spins out of your bankroll.

  • Always bet all lines

This is simple. You should never, ever miss a jackpot phase just because you were cheap and didn’t bet all lines. Always play the maximum amount of lines to give yourself the best chance to win.

  • Have patience

The big jackpots aren’t easy to drop. You surely could hit on your third spin, but in all honesty – they’re bloody hard to hit! But you should take solace in this: Whenever you enter the bonus phase where could win it all, your palms get sweaty, your heartbeat rises… you could be only seconds away from becoming a millionaire. It’s a thrill for the ages. The chase is exhilarating, but the catch is why we all play for.

Biggest Jackpots Ever Won

The biggest jackpot ever was won in 2013, when a man from Finland hit the Mega Fortune’s Mega Jackpot to the tune of 17 861 800 euros (around £15 million). The jackpot is recorded in the Guinness World Records as the biggest online jackpot won.

Not far behind is our own lad. Jonathan Heywood from Cheshire hit the massive Mega Moolah jackpot for a cool £13.2 million pounds. The 26-year-old soldier deposited thirty quid and was playing for 25p per spin when he won it all. The good man couldn’t believe had won it, and he put it to good use. He used a chunk of it on the heart and transplant for his father, who was suffering from a deadly condition. He did, however, had some to spare, too, so he parked a Bentley to replace his good old Fiat Punto. You can read more about the story by clicking here.

In the top 10 jackpots ever won, it’s notable that all five of the big scores have been hit in either Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune. After the top five, things change a bit. Hall of Gods enters the fray with two tasty hits of over £6.5 million. Also in the top 10, we find Dark Knight, which was created for the Batman series. However, because of licensing issues, Microgaming had to discontinue Dark Knight. It did crack the top ten by serving an Aussie player over 10 million Australian dollars, which equals nearly six million in the old sterlings.

Best Jackpot Slots?

Of the three biggest online jackpot slots – Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods – we had a close vote to determine the favorite. In the end Hall of Gods just eked it, but Mega Moolah ended up as a close second. Hall of Gods has a special atmosphere to it, and despite not always as big as Mega Moolah or Mega Fortune progressive, at the time of the vote it was a few million bigger than its two biggest rivals. That might’ve played a small part in the vote as well, so on another day, it could’ve gone the other way.

mega fortune jackpot

Mega Fortune is the most played progressive jackpot slot from NetEnt. The jackpot bonus game is a wheel of fortune type of game, which has different levels. In our opinion, it’s one of the most exciting jackpot bonus games out there.

However, it was a consensus that many of us prefer Mega Fortune Dreams over Mega Fortune. Mega Fortune Dreams is an updated version of Mega Fortune, bringing a bit more flair and glitz to the table. The experience on mobile is more enjoyable as well, so we can find ourselves better entertained while trying to crack that Mega Fortune Dreams nut.

Bubbling under we had PartyCasino’s Loot’EnKhamun. That one’s something you’ll find only at PartyCasino as stated above, but you should have a crack. It has an enchanting feel to it, which is probably because of the Egyptian background music and the overall theme. Loot’EnKhamun’s jackpot regularly hovers in the seven figures, so you’ll give yourself a good shot of a long vacation and a couple of good deeds if you manage to bank it.

Good luck hunting the big one!