Fast Payout Casinos

When choosing the online casino where you wish to play, the payment options, deposits and especially withdrawals have a lot to do with the decision. In the end, you want to find a reliable site that has fast withdrawals, always instant deposits and a lot of different payment options. Of course, the product, the bonuses, and promotions also have to be good, but we list only sites with all those things in A-class, so you don’t have to worry about those things this time. In this article will take a closer look at the payouts and how fast they are.


The Fastest Paying Casinos in the UK September 2018

In the beginning, we will go straight into listing the top three fastest casinos when it comes to withdrawals. After that, we talk more deeply about how different payment methods and different things you can affect will affect the payout times, and other things related to withdrawals, such as sending documents. Oh, and when we talk about payout time, we mean how long it takes for the money to come from the casino to you, be it your bank account, e-wallet or whatever payment option you decided to use.

Casinos with fast payouts

We tested around 20 different casinos and their withdrawal times. Most of the casinos have 48-72 hour withdrawal times, and that is just too damn slow in our opinion. We managed to find two casinos with extremely fast payouts and one casino with a 23h guarantee, but the same casino usually managed to go through the withdrawals in couple hours.

fast payout casinos

Time is money. The casinos with the fastest payouts will give your winnings to your account just within few minutes. We have listed the fastest payout casinos on this section of the site.

Fastest withdrawals – Rizk

Oh boy, this was fast! Some of the withdrawals we made went through in just couple minutes. It had a lot to do with the withdrawal methods we chose. We like to use e-wallets as they are always extremely fast. With Rizk, we tested almost all of the withdrawal options, and most of them were pretty much instant. It comes with a backside though as Rizk takes small fees from the withdrawals, but some other casinos do that too. In our opinion paying a small fixed fee for instant withdrawals is still a huge win for us as casino players. Here are the withdrawal methods, fees, payout times and limits per transaction:

  • Neteller – £2.5 – Instant – Min £20 / Max £5 000
  • PaysafeCard – £2.5 – Instant – Min £20 / Max £200
  • Skrill – £2.5 – Instant – Min 20 € / Max £5 000
  • Trustly – No fee – Instant – Min 20 € / Max £100 000
  • Entercash – No fee – Instant – Min 10 € / Max £1 000
  • Visa – £2.5 – 1 – 3 banking days – Min £20 / Max £5 000

Rizk bonus: Rizk gives every new player at least ten extra spins (free spins that are just called with a different name) with no wagering requirement as you get to spin the Wheel of Rizk for free after opening your account. From this wheel of fortune type of game you will win something between 10 extra spins and £25 free money. The prizes from the Wheel of Rizk are always given with no wagering requirement. There is a hefty deposit bonus waiting on top of this.

Second fastest withdrawals – Guts

Guts Casino is actually owned by the same Norwegian stock listed company (Gaming Innovation Group) as Rizk. Rizk is a bit younger and more modern casino, so they have bit quicker withdrawals at the moment. Our inside source tells us that the withdrawal times will be as fast as possible in both of the sites shortly. Here is what Guts promises regarding the withdrawal times they have: “We aim to process withdrawals within 2 hours of being requested. Your money will be on its way, right away.”

We tested most of the withdrawal methods available in the UK and usually the withdrawal was processed within couple hours, but not always. The withdrawal times also varied a bit, but in the end, Guts was the second fastest casino we tested.

You can read more about Guts bonus by clicking here. Please note that the spins are given with no wagering requirement as always with Guts.

Third fastest withdrawals – Casumo

There is a massive gap between the second and third place since Casumo withdrawals sometimes took around 20 hours when, for example, Rizk sometimes had just one minute. Here is what Casumo promises: “Casumo guarantee to review all withdrawals within 23 hours (but usually we have processed your withdrawal within a couple of hours)”

The guarantee was accurate, and the withdrawals got processed within 23 hours, but usually within couple hours. Therefore, Casumo was the third fastest site we tested.

You can read more about Casumo bonus by clicking here.

Withdrawal methods and other matters that affect the withdrawal time

Choosing the withdrawal method is the biggest decision you make when it comes to how long the withdrawal takes. Usually, the casinos list the different withdrawal methods and how long it takes with them. Here is an example from Casumo, which was the third fastest casino we listed:

  • Card payments: 1-3 business days after the approval
  • Skrill: instantly after the approval
  • Neteller: instantly after the approval
  • All bank transfers: 1-3 business days after the approval

We at Casino Bonus Listing recommend that you start using Skrill or other e-wallets when you make deposits and withdrawals since the deposits are always instant and withdrawals are almost always instant, or then they take just couple hours. Wire transfers take almost always one to three business days, so we don’t recommend using them.

You should make sure all your account details are correct and that you provide all the details the gaming operator asks when it comes to, for example, your banking details. If you are missing some information, the casino will ask you for it using email, and they won’t process the payments before they have received the information. For example, the document checks are a good example of this. More about document checks below.

Payments pro tip: Skrill, Neteller, and other e-wallets are usually the fastest payment methods you can use. Wire transfers are the slowest. E-wallets are easy to use, and they come handy with other online purchases also. We recommend that you start using e-wallets and especially Skrill, which is our top favorite when it comes to online payments.

Document checks

If you make a large withdrawal or you have been using, for example, your friend’s computer for playing casino games, the casino might ask you for documents to make sure it is you, and not identity theft. There might be many reasons why the casino asks for your documents, but they don’t do that to annoy you. The casinos have licenses, and the licenses have strict rules, which the casino operators need to follow. E.g., the using your friend’s computer example might happen because your friend has used the same IP address to play in the same casino. However, usually, you don’t need to send documents even in such cases as the reason relates to the size of your withdrawal. For example, the Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA) has a rule that if you make a withdrawal over £2000 (or equivalent currency), the casino operator needs to ask for the ID to prevent money laundering.

Here are some expert tips when it comes to sending documents:

  • Never send a false document, you will get caught, and potentially your account will be blocked and the balance frozen
  • Follow the rules and guidelines the operator provides you with
  • Send the full document and don’t block any details, except credit card numbers and such delicate payment information
  • Take a quality scan of the document or use your smartphone camera
  • Delete the documents afterward from your smartphone or computer as you don’t want them to the wrong hands