Pay By Phone Casino List

Pay by phone is quite a new payment method that online casinos are just catching on. You won’t find pay by phone options from all the casinos, but we have listed those that offer you this top choice payment method for online gaming. And please remember, you should only use the UK online casinos we have listed for this method since they are well respected and trusted. And naturally, all of those casinos listed can also be accessed through your desktop PC, mobile or laptop. The payment systems that our listed online casinos use are either Payforit or Boku.


Best Pay By Phone Casinos in UK September 2018

In general, pay by phone means exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to make a payment straight from your mobile phone to an online casino and the amount is charged to your mobile (or in some cases landline) phone bill. If you have a prepaid balance on your mobile phone card, it will be deducted from there. You can see every transaction with possible costs and details on your mobile phone screen before any money is sent to your selected online casino. Couldn´t be simpler, right?

Best Pay by Phone Online Casinos

There are many factors that must come into play when choosing a real money online casino. Game selection, mobile compatibility, live dealer games, fast payouts and so on. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make proper decisions. So you only find the best UK casinos from our site at Casinobonuslisting.

As said earlier, online casino companies are just catching on to this new payment method, so not too many UK casinos offer to pay by phone option yet. This thing is surely about to change, but right now here are our top picks for this rising payment method.

1. BGO Casino

They started out as just a bingo site but has since grown to become one of the leading gambling destinations online. You’ll find a wide variety of all kinds of casino games there nowadays. And what´s even sweeter, BGO Casino offers very generous bonuses and promotions regularly. All that makes it our top pick, when it comes to pay by phone online real money casinos. Quick and convenient banking by your phone is guaranteed at BGO Casino. BGO casino uses Boku mobile billing system for its mobile payments.

2. Casumo

Casumo’s another great choice when you´re looking for safe and secure top class pay by phone casino. Casumo is our longtime favorite in the online casino industry, and now things are getting even better, since they added a mobile phone billing option to their deposit and withdrawal methods. This modern look casino offers plenty of bonuses, a huge variety of all kinds of casino games and regular promotions for active customers. Payforit is Casumo´s choice of pay by phone billing.

Why Should I Use Pay By Phone For Online Casino Transfers?

  1. Our listed online casino sites can be enjoyed by anyone with a mobile device in UK
  2. You can either pay via your monthly bill or your prepaid balance
  3. All the transactions are extremely quick and easy
  4. It´s extremely safe since there´s no need to provide any credit or debit card information or personal details
  5. No additional charges so you only pay for what you get
pay by phone casino list

You no longer need credit cards, as pay by phone casinos will give you the chance to deposit directly with your phone. The amount collected will usually be charged from your phone bill.

These days most people own a mobile phone, so what could be an easier way to fund your online casino site than do it via your phone bill? It´s as easy to use as it gets, very convenient and portable. So no wonder that pay by phone is becoming one of the most popular ways to fund casino accounts. And what´s best, those transfers are very fast, so you have almost immediate cash in your account to play with. It´s safe to say that there are many more online casinos offering this great way to transfer your funds in the near future.

One of the must-have features for online gamers is privacy. Pay by phone bill offers just that, since you don´t have to share any personal or credit card details with anyone. All you have to do to take an advantage of this great payment method is to go through a one to three step process to make a payment to your favorite online casino.

How to Play Online Casino Games and Pay by Your Mobile Phone

Pay by phone payment options are on the rise in the UK, and why not. This is probably the easiest and most secure way to fund your online casino real money account. All you have to do when next time depositing money into your online casino account is select Payforit or Boku as a payment method and go from there. All you need is your mobile phone number, your casino ID, and password. You can then either pay as you go or see the charge on your next monthly bill, depending on your mobile phone contract.

So there´s no need to share any personal details such as credit card number, bank account information or any other vital data, which makes this payment method extremely safe and convenient. With all of the fraud going on online these days, pay by phone banking gives you a huge benefit!

All of those pay by phone deposits are also instant, which is very important. You don´t want to wait for hours or even days to get your money transfer cleared. With Boku or Payforit you are always only seconds away from real money gambling pleasures.

And to be clear, you don´t have to use your mobile device to do your gaming if you decide to use those pay by phone banking methods.

Landline Phone

Although much less used or even known, landline deposits are also offered by most of those online casinos that allow you to make pay by phone deposits. To use a landline phone to make a deposit you need a BT landline. The value of the deposit is added to your monthly landline bill. It is as quick and efficient way to fund your account as mobile banking.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

First of all, this method is not for high-rollers since phone billing is limited to only £10 per single deposit and £30 a day for all users. While this might be enough for most online gamers, those high-flying players find it way too low. Payforit and Boku also keep track of your spending across online casinos and other websites, so this £30 spending limit really is a strict deposit limit. You can, however, contact your network provider to raise you deposit limit if you wish. They will probably be happy to do so as long as you have a good track record of paying your phone bills.

How Do Pay by Phone Withdrawals

This a brilliant payment method, but unfortunately only works as a one-way system. You can only deposit money, but to withdraw you´ll have to find another way. Then again this makes a lot of sense, since withdrawing your money same way would just give you more phone credit.

You can check alternative withdrawal options from your online casino, but at least bank transfers, trusted e-Wallets or more traditional ways such as cheque could be used at most times.


Is it safe to pay by phone?

It´s as safe as it gets. You don´t have to share any personal or credit/debit card details with anyone. Although using any payment method in online real money casinos is very safe, it’s never 100% sure. Since pay by phone softwares Payforit and Boku only require your phone number, there´s no chance for identity thefts or stolen credit card numbers.

However, we recommend you to delete all text messages sent or received because it´s not that hard to lose your phone.

What about charges?

Casinos or mobile payment software providers don´t charge anything for you using this service. However, you might face an extra charge if your mobile phone service provider charges you for text messages or data consumption. Please check that out before any payments from your provider’s terms and conditions.

Can I use other payment methods after/same time when using pay by phone?

Absolutely. You can always change your deposit method in those trusted and respectable online casinos listed at our site. So you´re never locked into only one single method. Let´s say that you usually use a credit card and want to try pay by phone deposit for a change, that´s perfectly fine.